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Our History

Hi! I'm Monica

I'm a full time mum to 4 children. Working as a Bibliotherapist, Creative Arts Therapist, Senco, Librarian, NHS Governor, school Governor and co-run a community garden

Therapy North Staffordshire was born from years spent in the educational system, experiencing mainstream and specialist Schools, Pupil Referral Units, and Prisons. Gathering an understanding that learning requires an emotional mind that is still capable enough to be able to receive the learning.

I started in schools in 1999, by 2003 I completed my first counselling course, by 2007 I completed Neurolinguistics programming training and began a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy in 2010, by 2014 I had begun my National Award in Special educational needs and Disability co-ordination, and my learning continues with a PhD in looking at how Creative Arts therapy particularly Bibliotherapy can raise well-being and increase positive mental health in the community and closed communities.