Emotional support for Educational Establishments

Therapy North Staffordshire is currently focusing on our project called E.S.E.E. - Emotional Support for educational establishments. Stress negatively impacts students learning. When teachers learn stress reduction techniques and model how to positively reduce anxiety and stress; it will lead to a better, stronger sense of self-esteem and self-confidence for staff which in turn leads to better managed stress for learners, encouraging better sleep and creating a better learning environment.

Over 75% of uk teaching staff in schools and colleges experience depression, anxiety and panic attacks due to their profession. research by Education Support Partnership (2017)

Over 50% of UK teachers are considering leaving the sector with over 35,000 teachers leaving the job profession for reasons other than retirement. Research by YouGov

Over 60% of school leaders do not feel confident disclosing stress problems and therefore do not have access to help or support that could be of significant benefit.

Working with Monica can help your school by : Reducing staff absence due to depression, anxiety or panic attacks which will increase continuity for learners and reduce supply teacher costs.

Promote emotional resilience among the educational team to better juggle the demands of work and home life

Provide a safe and confidential space for school leaders and senior management teams to discuss stress problems and access the support required

About TNS

Therapy North Staffordshire or TNS for short, has a vision for assisting better mental health for all who use its services. Our services include training and therapy to communities, schools, individuals and groups through its sub companies which specialise in providing:

  • Emotional support in educational settings
  • Corporate and business coaching
  • Conflict resolution
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Accredited community learning