One of the therapies we offer is Bibliotherapy. This is a beautiful approach using books, poetry, songs or journaling to explore difficult life challenges. This method in-directly looks at those challenges through the use of a character or theme, or it can be used to directly compare a character to one of your own lives.

Bibliotherapy is suitable for group or individual sessions.


ESEE aims to seeks a way to support an Educational Establishment to seamlessly incorporate an Holistic Curriculum into the School.

This is done by one or two school staff, Educational Professionals go through a training program for the first half of the Autumn term. The second half is used to set up a 'listening ear' provision with trusted, and trained school staff, supported by a Qualified Therapist. Supervision is given on a half termly basis and training is available through out the school year as part of the paid subscription.


Avek Toi is a coaching and mentoring service, at times our mental health can be affected by a place of work, food and lifestyle choices and what messages we consciously or unconsciously play in our minds.

By working with Avek Toi there is the opportunity to structure an individualised wellness plan incorporating an holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. Overall health is built from time spent on body, mind and energy health.

Training in emotional coaching, staff wellness and other topics are available.

We also offer staff wellness days, as well as conflict and change management.

Striving to make a difference to all.

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  • Monica integrated well with the young people she came into contact. The activities and sessions Monica offered allowed for the development of educational capability, confidence and reflective abilities. At all times Monica presented as confident, enthusiastic and attuned to the needs of those she worked with.

    Monica has always maintained good relationships with the young people she has worked with gaining their respect and trust and building helpful bridges between home and school for the young people.
    S. Thompson (Birmingham City Council)
  • Monica undertook steps to make essential improvements to SEND systems, procedures and practices. This development work was related to targets for school improvement which contributed to the school being removed from special measures in September 2015.

    Monica has a very child centred approach to teaching and is willing to make use of her therapy training when appropriate, offering ideas for new ways of working and creative solutions to problems presented. Monica willingly engaged in a coaching programmes to develop her skills in teaching of KS1, KS2. Monica also willingly engaged with training towards her being able to achieve the SENCo Award
    S.Bates (Stoke-on-Trent)
  • We want her back NOW!! Her professionalism and coaching was breath taking, and she did this while dealing with her own grief - she led us.
    Bethel Apostolic Ministries
  • If we have worked together already please send me one and I will put it on the website.
    Thanks in advance.....Monica

About TNS

Therapy North Staffordshire or TNS for short, has a vision for assisting better mental health for all who use its services. Our services include training and therapy to communities, schools, individuals and groups through its sub companies which specialise in providing:

  • Emotional support in educational settings
  • Corporate and business coaching
  • Conflict resolution
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Accredited community learning